Visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer, her work focuses on creating visual experiences and emotions through collage, illustration and design.

In her more professional side, each project she takes on is susceptible to become a continuous game of experimentation and creations between design and art. In his more artistic and personal side his work focuses on the exploration of graphic narratives through the unconscious, free association and the vital need to create as a means of expression, communication and transformation. Her artwork is inspired by themes related to memory, the passage of time, decadence, gender identity, feminism, ecology, recycling and nature.

She has held more than fifty national and international exhibitions in Madrid, Barcelona, Valladolid, Segovia, Valencia, Cáceres, Lleida, Alicante, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Brazil, Turkey, Peru and the United States. In spaces that are benchmarks for art such as: La Neomudejar, La Casa Encendida, Matadero, Conde Duque, CEART, MUA, MUTUO, Espacio Séneca, Frauen Museum, Haifa Museum of Art, Kommagene Biennial, Ulima Gallery… She collaborates as a regular artist in artistic projects for the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza in the area of education.

She has been awarded throughout her career with numerous prizes related to illustration and visual arts. Her latest achievements include the first prize APIM, in the category of advertising illustration, and the first prize of the II Biennial of Visual Arts of the MUA for the collective exhibition project Géneris.

He has worked for media such as The New York Times, The Oprah Magazine, The Atlantic, Notre Dame Magazine, Life&Stylee Magazine, Grupo Expansión…. He has made illustrations for prestigious brands such as Googlee, Hp, Samsung, Microsoft, IBM, Sony, Netflix…


Inspired by goal number 5 of the SDGs, Gender Equality, this work is a tribute to all women who, throughout history and today, continue to bear the weight and power exerted by patriarchy over them and which implies discrimination for 50% of the world’s population.

The bitten apple is one of the first stones that the Judeo-Christian patriarchy put in the way of women. Represented in her fable by Eve, we are pointed out as sinners, inferior, submissive and belonging to others (object) and not to ourselves.

That weight that we carry is represented in the outer piece of the suit, where you can see in its ruffles different parts of our bodies with organic and sinuous deconstructed forms. At the top of the piece, supported by our heads, is the bitten apple guarded by two hands that make a nod to the work of creation, but represented by female hands.

The struggle, goals and objectives to end discrimination against all women and girls appear on the inner piece of the costume. Here you can see those same sinuous shapes, but with female images in an active attitude, working and fighting to achieve gender equality and rebuild that patriarchal symbol into a complete apple that will lead us to a more peaceful, prosperous, sustainable and egalitarian world.


The weight of biting the apple (2022)


Mixed media, collage, transfer and watercolor.


Gender equality.