Marta Carrascosa has been traveling continuously between Africa and Europe for more than 20 years, combining her professional activity as a cultural consultant for the European Union with her work as a designer and illustrator of children’s books. She has completed a master’s degree in children’s book illustration at Iconi in Madrid and attended illustration courses at Chelsea & Central St Martins School of Arts (London).

She currently lives in Marrakech, where she is finalizing her next picture books: Four Friends in a Car and The Man Who Knitted Wild Pets. The latter, published in English and Spanish, was entitled Tengo una gran familia.

She is also the designer of M’tita Bamako, a brand she creates in 2003 of limited editions of accessories, naif paintings and dolls, inspired by various cultural references and always respecting local markets and with a clear social commitment. Her nomadic life inspires her to create objects that never cease to surprise with their unusual mix of styles and influences. Andalusia, England, Belgium, Namibia, Mali, Benin, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Morocco bring color to her life and work.

Marta Carrascosa makes small naïf paintings inspired by scenes of everyday life such as weddings, neighborhoods, markets, villages… Very colorful and delicate miniatures that reflect the energy that Africa releases on her: her colors, her positive attitude, her vitality, the value she gives to simple things, the ability to improvise, the human treatment.


Fatima and Sarah buy colorful scarves at Mohamed’s store. Jade and Hasan, wearing the traditional djellaba, run to the mosque. It’s just another Friday in the Medina. Fatima, Sarah, Jihane, Jawad, Mouna, Hasan…. Do you recognize these names? They have all posed for this very special portrait. They are my source of inspiration, the soul that gives life to this piece that is a clear sign of the interculturality in which I have been living for decades. My friends are full of color.


Medina Portraits




It's just another Friday in the Medina.