Born in Rabat, she has been living in Madrid for 25 years where she studied Law and Arabic Philology. Until 2015, painting was just a hobby, to which she devoted much of her free time, but since then she is professionally devoted to it. Painting, then and now, is her passion.

Self-taught, or rather semi-taught, since she has received classes, but in different academies and with different teachers. He is always in some workshop or seminar related to painting. And, above all, he has experimented and continues to experiment with multiple techniques and with all the materials available to him. Amsif makes his own the words of Antonio López, who defines himself as, “A self-taught person in continuous learning”.

In May 2017 he held his first solo painting exhibition at the A2 Gallery in Madrid. He presented 45 works, with a great success in sales. And since then, he has not stopped, he has exhibited in New York, Paris, Toulouse, Basel, Chile, Rabat and Madrid. He is a member of two art collectives: Paint-Demia and Culminart. In 2021 she created Beautiful Ugly Face (www.buf, a solidarity and sustainable fashion brand inspired by a series of her drawings.

Her work is versatile and eclectic. She experiments with a wide variety of techniques and styles. She moves from figurative to abstract through different materials and textures, such as watercolors, oil and acrylics and in different formats and media.

In his latest works, in homage to his dual cultural heritage, he is inspired by the art of Arab mosaic, he seeks harmony in the work mixing geometry with vibrant colors, human figures and blurring the shapes with different textures and materials.


The work Entre dos orillas reflects my dual cultural heritage: Moroccan and Spanish. It delves into my personal experience of living between East and West, alternating between the present and the past, and for this I use different motifs:

  • The mosaics or zellij, geometric compositions of the Alhambra, perfect and infinite; fabulous work that is still being done, as our Andalusian ancestors did, by Moroccan craftsmen.
  • Arabic calligraphy, considered the noblest of the Arab arts, since it gives visible form to the revealed word of the Koran.
  • The colors of the south of Spain and the north of Morocco, of an impeccable white splashed by the blue and green of its doors with the sound of the sea in the background.
  • The profile of two cities that have marked, and continue to mark, the history of my life: the Rabat of my childhood and the Madrid of my present.
  • And, finally, the representation of dancers, each from a shore, and that tell us that no matter where you come from or where in the world you go; dancing you can speak the same language as anyone else anywhere in the world.


Between two shores (2022)


Acrylic textile painting.


Dual cultural heritage.