SUSO33 is an artist based in Madrid, Spain, the city where he was born in 1973. He is a precursor of iconographic grafti and an experimenter with language in that discipline, as well as a pioneer of SUSO33 post-grafti, street art and urban art. He is the best-established live-painting artist in Spain. SUSO33 is currently developing a project called ‘Painting Scene in Action’, in which he uses multiple art forms (art, speech, audio, visual images and painting) to convey global conceptual aspects of communication via performance to create a live ‘performance painting’.

His work is controversial; while it is internationally recognised in formal settings such as museums, art spaces and galleries, its roots and continuing expression are to be found in public spaces, where the art form is considered illegal. Since SUSO33’s frst displays in public spaces in 1984, his artistic development in this medium and activity have led to more than 70 solo and group exhibitions, and over 40 performances in collaboration with reputable theatre companies and well-known stage directors and set designers in more than 50 cities in Europe, America, and Asia, including New York, London and Shanghai.


I designed the outft as the skin of a tall structure representing the European community. In this technique: particular Tower of Babel, curves and ripples predominate over straight lines, creating a sense of ACRYLIC AND TEXTILE fexibility and fuidity rather than rigidity. To this second skin I added ‘presences’, a recurrent live motif in my work: silhouettes of people who condemn the tensions that we experience individually MARKERS and collectively. Tese black, forceful presences are followed by a translucent colour trail, a beam of light, starting with a mixture of the three primary colours to express the variety of races, fags, languages and cultures that make up Europe. Te movement of the founces is reminiscent of famenco attire and other traditional dance dresses. Dance is a total and revolutionary means of expression. Te line of individuals with their colourful halos are climbing to the top of an open, organic building, from which a united community does not allow the weak and unprotected to be excluded.




Acrylic and Textile Markers.


European community.