VERÓNICA GUZMÁN was born in Mexico City in In 2000 she changed her residence again to participate EL HORTELANO (José Alfonso Morera Ortiz) In 1990, the Spanish Academy of History, Archaeology 1965 of architect father and a great collector for the in the workshop of the master Mitsuo Miura in the Círculo de was born in Valencia in 1954. and Fine Arts of Rome granted her the Painting Scholarship and that begins her appreciation and taste for painting. All Fine Arts of Madrid. In this workshop, he became familiar with resides a year in Italy. Travels later to Finland, Holland, this leads her to European and Asian countries to appreciate techniques such as transfer photographic on paper of A the 10 years, a long illness forced him to keep Tunisia, Russia and Egypt. As a result of this stay in Rome and learn more closely the history of art. Parallel cotton achieving very interesting and aesthetic effects bed more than a year and a half, during which time, he read of his experiences as a traveler of countries so different, to this was born his taste for fashion forming his 21 years to his work thus achieving greater maturity and and drew constantly. Inspired by the names of are the series of that decade of the 90’s impregnated with a creative team with Carlos Martinez creating diversity in the creation of new media for the heroes of the comic, then sought a nickname of strong religiosity and lyricism. The protagonists of his paintings his own brand FACHAZ, in which he begins to capture exhibition of his work, same that was exposed in sonority to sign his drawings, and thus arose the of El son el hombre en su relación con el macrocosmos y el los lazos del arte y la moda.


Mi amanda abuelita


Acrylic on canvas.


Portrait tribute to the woman I admired the most, my beloved grandmother, artist, actress, unique dancer and pioneer in a very difficult time in Mexico for women with character.